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Bike Vault Frequently Asked Questions

Is BIKE VAULT manufactured in the UK?
The body is manufactured and assembled in Greater Manchester, the metal fabrication comes from the South of England!

Do I need the BIKE VAULT accessories?
No. BIKE VAULT is secure in its own right. The accessories enhance your bike's security and may also help you comply with your bike insurance policy. (click to view our accessories which are available to buy)

I'd really like a BIKE VAULT at work and the gym...
Tell us who your employer and gym owner are and we’ll contact them directly and tell them all about BIKE VAULT.

Is there a discount if I buy more than one?
There is a discount for more than one. The amount depends on how many you want! There is certainly a saving if more than one is delivered to the same address. Please contact us to find out more.

Can I save a bit if I collect my BIKE VAULT instead of having it delivered?
Yes, you can collect direct from our manufacturer and make a saving. Contact us for details.

Can I get more than one bike in a BIKE VAULT?
No. In most commercial environments BIKE VAULT will be used by one person and their bike kit. At home the BIKE VAULT becomes a very convenient and secure store for the frequent cyclist who won't want to be wrestling two or more bikes in and out before each trip.

Is my bike insured if it is stolen from a BIKE VAULT?
This obviously depends on your insurance policy so please check with your insurer. Our internal Oxford Brute Force Ground Anchor is Sold Secure Silver for Bicycles which covers the security insurance requirement for most bikes.

What exactly is LDPE?
Low density polyethylene is a hydrocarbon plastic. Its properties are that it is: lightweight; flexible; impact resistant; easily cleaned; chemical and corrosion resistant. The LDPE used in BIKE VAULT is UV treated and will not fade or become brittle.

I haven't got any concrete area to bolt my BIKE VAULT to. What other options do I have?
Any solution that makes a BIKE VAULT immovable and unliftable is suitable. The BIKE VAULT on our home page is actually bolted to concrete slabs from a builders merchant. Equally we could have bolted it to the railway sleepers that run either side of it.

Why is a BIKE VAULT better than a multi bike enclosure or shed?
We think BIKE VAULT is better as: you can leave all your kit with your bike; no one else has access to your bike or your kit; your bike is completely protected from the weather; your bike is as secure as you want it to be.

Why is a BIKE VAULT more secure than a multi bike enclosure or shed?
Because BIKE VAULT is manufactured complete with a floor you cannot gain access by levering the sides up - bike enclosures and some other bike lockers are less secure as once the sides are levered up access is gained to the bikes inside.

Can I see a BIKE VAULT anywhere before I buy one?
Yes. Please contact us for locations.

Do I have to pay by credit card?
No. Our web site is suitable for credit cards, debit cards and Paypal but if you want to pay by an alternative method please contact us.

Is it heavy?
60kilos Original and 70kilos Extra

Could I access one at the station or in a car park?
We would like to see BIKE VAULT at every location it would be convenient. Tell us the Rail operator or Council and we will contact them for you.

Can I rent one from you?
Not currently if you are a private individual; although this is something we are looking into. Businesses please contact us.

Is it recyclable?

OK, is it made of recycled material?
Yes. The body is made from recycled LDPE. The doors are made from new LDPE.

I'm paranoid about cycle theft - can I make it more secure still?
Although we consider BIKE VAULT to be a secure unit in itself, if you require additional security we recommend our accessories. You could also consider installing a wireless shed alarm. For Sold Secure chains and locks see our sister site

What are the dimensions?
Original 1.7metres long, 1.4metres tall and 1.0metres wide. Extra 2.1metres long, 1.4metres tall and 1.0metres wide (View Tech Spec: Bike Vault Orginal Tech Spec Bike Vault Extra Tech Spec)

I'm an employer and I want some for my staff at work – is there a deal?
Yes there can be depending on how many you require - there may also be grants available depending on where you are based!

OK, how much space will they take up?
Surprisingly little. BIKE VAULT has been designed to be space efficient when it is deployed. (View Bike Vault Car Parking & Circular Layout's PDF (325Kb opens in new tab))

Why do I really want one?
Because it is a safe, secure, weatherproof store for your bike and all your kit. It is truly convenient because your bike and kit are stored exactly where you want them.

Is BIKE VAULT available in different colours?
Yes for the doors. There are 9 colours in the standard palette: Red, Orange, Purple, Cerise, Light Green and Light Blue as well as Yellow, Dark Green and Black. BIKE VAULT is also available in stone finishes. Bodies are only available in black.

Can you provide installation of my BIKE VAULT?
Yes, depending on the region. We currently have an installer covering the South of England. For a quote please contact us. Only basic skills and tools are necessary to install BIKE VAULT so you will probably find you can readily install it yourself.

Does BIKE VAULT require any maintenance?
No. It doesn’t need painting and all the metal work inside is powder coated so won't corrode. You might want to apply a lubricant to the external padlocks periodically!

BIKE VAULT is much cheaper than its competition. Does this compromise security?
Not in any way. In fact as we are both keen cyclists, security has been uppermost in our minds throughout the design of BIKE VAULT. Indeed our internal accessories are Sold Secure Silver to further enhance the security of BIKE VAULT.

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